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La nostra Storia

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La Produzione

Maria Pia, Christian, Angela, Graziella, John, Carmela, Rina, Daniela, Paola, Laura, Giorgio, Graziella, Matilde and many others, are not employees, but they are the beating heart around which grows the body and the limbs of our operating company, of our family in which we believe and in which many small and large organizations are contributing to growth the family of Colori del Sole. Thanks to them, today we offer our products to worldwide tourists, helping to enhance our region and trying to make it a better place.

La nostra Filosofia


Colori del Sole is a Sicilian handicraft company that since twenty years deals with the production of prints oo Italian tissues. Our company produces T-shirts, towels, bags, caps, clothes for men, women and children. The products of Colori del Sole feature warm color shades. Our flagship product is characterized by the production of sheets which are suitable for beach accessories or furnishings for the house. A unique product, hand-printed and highly versatile.


We always faced the problem of channeling the creativity we have in technical and scientific criteria that are our working tools: clothing as a form of communication, socio-cultural and market trends. Following this principle, ourteam has been enriched by multidisciplinary experts: graphics, advertising, weavers ... and many others.


Garments made with natural tissues and printed in traditional and artigianl way in Sicily. Colori del Sole is a guarantee of craftsmanship made in Italy of clothes, sarongs, beach towels, bags and furniture for the house.

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